Polydoor Specs

Designed and Supplied by: J.E.M. Door Co. Ltd.

3019 Queen St., Fordwich, Ontario, Canada

Aluminum Extrusions

Can-Art or Extrudex A6060-T3 aluminum alloy with 3mm (1/8”) thickness clear anodized finish or 3mm (1/8”) powder coated finish

Polycarbonate Sheets

PolyGal clear or dark bronze 16mm (5/8”) triple wall

Polydoor insulated translucent polycarbonate and aluminum sectional overhead door manufactured by J.E.M. Door Co. Ltd. Each section shall consist of an upper, lower rail intermediate mullions and end channels to provide a framing for the polycarbonate insulating sheets.

Door frames shall be a minimum of 50mm (2”) deep and made of tempered extruded aluminum No. 6063T3 alloy anodized. One horizontal member of each section shall have an integral reinforced rib or strut or both. Bottom rail of bottom section shall have replaceable low temp full width vinyl weather strip. Horizontal rails of each section are designed to provide a positive interlocking weatherproof joint between sections.

Panels shall be translucent, triple wall PolyGal polycarbonate material with an overall thickness of 16mm (5/8”), which are manufactured by Plaskolite/PolyGal. Panels are heat treated to remove all humidity and then hermetically sealed at each end. The perimeter of each panel shall be encased with a closed cell neoprene sponge to allow for expansion and contraction within the extruded aluminum frame.

Door tracks shall be either 50mm (2”) made of continuous 2mm (1/16”) hot dipped galvanized steel. Radius of track to be 304mm (12”) to inside tread curve or; 75mm (3”) made of 2mm (1/16”) hot dipped galvanized steel. Radius of track to be 406mm (16”) to inside tread curve.

Vertical “J” tracks shall be bolted to either several 114mm x 45mm x 3mm (4.5” x 1.75” x 1/8”) bracket mount  angle or; with  a continuous 3mm (1/8”) thick galvanized steel jamb angles taper mounted to provide a wedge type closing action.

Horizontal “J” track shall be reinforced with a 50mm x 50mm x 3mm (2” x 2” x 1/8”) full length galvanized angle.

Rollers shall be diameter to suit either 50mm (2”) tracks or 75mm (3”) tracks, pressed steel construction, encasing 10 – 6mm (1/4”) hardened steel ball bearings; with a 11mm (7/16”) diameter axle. Roller, hinge brackets, bolts and nuts to be either galvanized or plated finish Bolts will be complete with lock washers or self-locking nuts.

Spring Assembly, cable drums, and centre shaft support shall be contained on either a 25mm (1”) diameter solid or tubed cold rolled steel shaft or; a 32mm (1.25”) diameter solid cold rolled steel shaft, retained in pillow block ball bearing brackets which are secured to tracks angles at either end. Doors shall have oil tempered, helically wound 10,000 – 20,000 cycle torsion spring assemblies bolted to mounting plates.

Lifting cables shall be aircraft type in either stainless or galvanized steel with a diameter of either 3mm (1/8”) or 5mm (3/16”) to suit the cable drums for the door weight.

Doors shall withstand a minimum of 1kPa pressure wind load.

Jamb and head weather stripping shall be extruded aluminum finished to match aluminum frames, and come equip with vinyl.

Intermediate hinges shall be made of #13 gauge (2mm – 1/16”) steel and attached to the door with two – 6mm (1/4”) self-tapping screws.

Side hinges (roller carriers) shall be graduated to match the incline of the tracks for effective weather sealing of the door to the jamb and easier operation. The hinges shall be made of zinc-coated #13 gauge (2mm – 1/16”) steel and attached to the door with two – 6mm (1/4”) self-tapping screws.

Doors 5486mm (18’) and wider shall have two side hinges (roller carriers) on each side of the panels.

Ferrous hardware items shall be finished with a zinc coating minimum 300g/m² to CSA G164-M1981.