Residential Steel Insulated Doors

We Carry Landmark Series from RICHARDS-WILCOX and Garex Residential steel doors.

All Doors Feature

Neufoam™ Insulation

Continuous polyurethane insulated core of high density foam resulting in energy saving R-Values.

Weatherlock™ Section Joint

R-W’s modified tongue and groove joint moves the joint closer to the exterior of the door face to limit air and water infiltration, while providing unyielding section strength and integrity.

Bulb Seal

Prevents air leaks.

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Sheets

High-strength, rust-resistant and available in up to 13 colours to match the beauty of your home. No additional material (eg. wood) is used on our doors.

Galvanized Steel Endcaps

Heavy duty for additional strength.

Thermal Break

Prevents heat transfer and air infiltration.

Arctic-Grade Bulb-Shaped Bottom Seal

Rust resistant aluminum retainer that increases the strength of the bottom edge of the door.

Made in Canada

Richards-Wilcox™ Canada has been in business for over 100 years; from parts, to hardware and panels, R-W doors are proudly Made in Canada.

Lifetime Warrenty

When you choose R-W, you’ve chosen the best garage door you can buy and we’ll back that up in writing with our Limited Lifetimer™ Warranty.

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