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Poly carbonate overhead garage doors are a great choice for your residential building. This door is an excellent natural source of sunlight.  Our door transmits up to 83% of available light, while rejecting the extreme brightness and heat caused by the hot summer sun.  With its ability to absorb natural light, it will aid in heating your building, and save you money on heating and electrical costs. This door has instant curb appeal, the polydoor is sure to attract the eyes of the passing community and make your building stand out from the others.


Options to Suit Your Needs

Apart from its attractive appearance, it is lightweight.  This results in less stress on the related hardware components and therefore, less maintenance. Unlike conventional metal panel doors, our overhead doors don’t rust or rot, providing you with several years of worry free use, keeping its aesthetic appeal.

Polydoor also offers obscured poly when security is a concern. On the outside, the obscured poly has a reflective tint, not allowing visibility into the building. On the inside, the obscured poly allows light to easily transmit through while making visibility to the outside still possible.

We offer powder coating for our door frames, track, springs and face hardware, we can help match the colors of your residential building, to the color of your door for a complete customizable garage door!



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